Our business is actually three businesses in one: concrete removal, dump-truck driving, and curb-cutting. It all began 18 years ago with the father and son team of Stanley and Ken Wagner, one dump truck, one skid-steer with an air hammer, one trailer, one hand held saw, and one walk-behind saw they used for cutting walls and floors, and curbs for new houses. The business was headquartered in a big red barn behind the house where Ken and his family lived.

In 1997, Ken mortgaged his home to purchase a specialized curb-cutting system. This unique truck-mounted concrete cutting machine became a specialty of the family business, along with wall and floor cutting.

In 1999, Ken’s daughter Jessica joined the business. She spent 2 years learning how to run everything from the skid-steers to the curb-cutter before moving into the office to help Dad coordinate the scheduling of the ever growing business.

Through the years, everything about our business has grown. In 2003, the family constructed a large new facility about 10 miles from the big red barn where it all began. In addition to our curb-cutting truck, we have nine dump trucks, six trailers, seven skid-steers, and a mini excavator. The staff has grown to 12 (some for over ten years!), led by Ken Wagner, and managed by Jessica. And while our operators and drivers may not share our last names, they do share our family’s dedication to this company and its customers.

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